Voodoo Cheval


Fight your way through the voodoo apocalypse while protecting your beloved horse!

When Louisiana is struck with a voodoo curse, Zombies and demons roam through the Bayou and 1920s New Orleans. Fight back against waves of enemies with your own magic to protect your beloved horse, as a mysterious radio show host guides you through the chaos.

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Executive Team.

  • Peter Doria (President)
  • Chi Ngo (VP of Administration)
  • Amber Huang (VP of People)
  • Kadi Chow (VP of Events)
  • Justin Gonzalez (VP of Outreach)
  • Michael Zatlin Jr. (VP of Development)
  • Sarah Cho (Art Lead)
  • Elijah Wigman-Nilsson (Narrative Lead)
  • Orion Kongmalay (Gameplay Lead)
  • Daniel Ramos (Sound Lead)
  • Ken Miller (Tech Lead)

Feature Team.

  • Titus Canet (Level 1)
  • Stanley Ung (Level 2)
  • Stanley Ung (Level 3)
  • Juan Alvarez (Boss Level)
  • Han Vi (UI)
  • Juan Alvarez (Enemy)
  • Chau Ho (Comics)