Horizon’s Pull


The Pilot awakens in a damaged ship on the edge of a black hole, with no memory and no company but the mysterious AI, OFELIA. Together, they must navigate the treacherous reaches of space with a tractor beam as their only defense, and the Pilot must decide what is true and who can be trusted.

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Executive Team.

  • Nathan Moore (President)
  • Chi Ngo (VP of Administration)
  • Amber Huang (VP of People)
  • Kadi Chow (VP of Events)
  • Helen Pabst (VP of Marketing)
  • Josh Shucker (VP of Development)
  • Nathan Moore (Art Lead)
  • Elijah Wigman-Nilsson (Narrative Lead)
  • Peter Doria (Gameplay Lead)
  • Cameron Johnston (Sound Lead)
  • Michael Zatlin Jr. (Tech Lead)

Feature Team.

  • Peter Doria (Level 1)
  • Cameron Johnston (Level 2)
  • Helen Pabst (Level 3)
  • Christian Gumacal (Level 4)
  • Elijah Wigman-Nilsson (Level 5)
  • Elijah Wigman-Nilsson (Tutorial)
  • Ken Miller (UI)
  • Josh Shucker (Player)
  • Emily Wilder/Michael Zatlin Jr. (Enemy)
  • Josh Shucker (Polish)