By Justin Acosta

These eight letters were written by prominent figures in each realm about a peace trial that never went through between the light and dark realms. Found by Nashi as he traversed the ruined lands of Kokai through various means: two of them found inside the mouth of a dead lamb, another two found near a field riddled with dark corpses, and the last four found close to two masks inside a shrine, covered with Koharu’s favorite flowers.


To my venerable Kokai,

Forgive me, as I have failed you. I did what I could to see this meeting successfully as your mediator of peace. Yet their representatives knows no shame, begging me for my allegiance with false promises. I understood this meeting was to resolve the growing tensions between the light and dark forces, but I would be remiss to believe that they shared my intentions of doing so.

However, I assure you I relayed them your words of warning to stop this meaningless confrontation, lest they forsake their own safety from your wrath. Tsuhebi was compliant in understanding my warning and relented calmly, though I expect otherwise from him. And that stubborn man, Nekkana, was horrified and insulted to think that I would blatantly threaten his deity. He did not care to heed my warnings, but he relented when my own patience was tested and had to resort to showing the sword you have gifted me. It is now that I even pray that my reluctant acquaintances to give the message to their deities without skewing the purpose of it.

Now I must ask you for a simple gratis to answer my question: why would you have Mokudono accompany me to this meeting? He is a kind and friendly man, yet I fail to see what his purpose was for the meeting. I can defend myself well enough, especially against a cowardly zealot and a cunning, yet slow fool. Please understand that I am not questioning your authority or judgement, though quite curious about this man’s companionship.

Nevertheless, I did find my time with Mokudono quite enjoyable, even amidst a tense meeting. As a matter of fact, his presence offered abatement throughout the whole time.

I await for your further guidance and orders.

Glory to you,


My opulent goddess!

What a glorious meeting I have held today along my apprentice, Amane! I must thank you for letting me teach her what it means to be a true knight; to think that others such as her are granted the title as your guardian, upholder of your resplendent envision of unity! Although I am sad to say that our newfound friends were not very honorable for the session. They offered me a prominent position in their endeavors, but I will not accept such a title that does not abide to your name! You have titled me with your utmost rank as guardian and I will not sully it with others!

I must say that I am confused that the meeting did not go as we should have expected. No cooperation was achieved but confrontation was met. Nekkana only wailed about how the darkness “corrupts” and “destroys,” yet Tsuhebi was a quiet man and respectful man. I do not see any harm inthis fellow! He did attempt to tell me that the dark sky soothes and cools, whereas the bright sky blinds and heats all. But what I understood was the lack of partnership between those two. I was afraid that even their anger was going to dampen my own mood.

Your chosen apprentice, however, saved the day! Your wisdom in future guardians protected the sanctity of the meeting as she relayed your message of truce between the two forces, ready to show her blade to knight them with the duty to peacefully heed the message for their deities. You must assign her to more of my teachings: she shows much promise to be your future guardian and I will do everything to prepare her!

Let the people of Kokai know that we will soon find peace, thanks to our joyous unity as your guardians!

By your command, shall I follow!


To my beautiful, radiant, glorious Hikamaru,

I believe that I have made myself clear to those two imbeciles that Tsuhebi and his darkness are nothing but worthless emptiness. To think that he would have fooled them that the “dark sky soothes” and our light blinds all. Those two were smart enough to attend to my revelation before that the darkness will only destroy whatever it comes in contact with! I believe that we will soon have the upper hand in guiding the light against the dark as long as we continue our endeavors and strike fear into the people of Kokai and Koharu that Yamaru will cause chaos to their world.

That blasted Amane, however, nearly took my life when she thrusted her sword and terrorized me with Koharu’s desires of peace. Do they not know that peace will never be attained with the presence of Yamaru and his abominations?! I worry that she and Koharu are adamant in their obsolete quest for peace, making it harder for us to achieve our goal to finally destroy those eldritch horrors and save our world!

I must note that the meeting also included a strange man, Mokudono,  another one of Koharu’s guardians. But that man did not look as if he was a perfect guardian: his round shape tells me that he’d rather eat than fight and he did not appear more threatening than that damned Amane. At least he was willing enough to listen to my warnings against the darkness and, as such, should be perfect to aid us in convincing Koharu of Yamaru’s treacherous acts!

We are nearing victory, all we need is your grand wisdom to destroy the darkness for good!

The light prevails under your wisdom, my goddess,


Heed me, my moonlit Yamaru,

The meeting was insufferable with that obnoxious miscreant Nekkana constantly crying about his speculations of our so called “plans of corruption.” He forgets that the light can turn all into cinders if they cannot contain themselves properly. Lady Amane was quick to make good work of him. It was satisfying to see her show her sword, making the poor bastard quiver in fear and putting him in his place. I believe that if we can provoke Nekkana with more of his wild fanaticism, we can cause lady Amane to become infuriated with him and subsequently have goddess Koharu reject Hikamaru.

Koharu did have one of her attendees within the meeting. He titles himself as Mokudono, carrying an air of extravagance for lady Amane and his goddess. I do not trust this man, he did not see reason how the light can be dangerous if it burns unattended. He can be quite unpredictable, from living a moment of relentless grandeur to attempting to unify me and Nekkana. He is more of a fool than that light zealot if he is to think that we can be allies. I do not know how to handle this man and I have trepidations and doubts that he will hinder our plans to finally cease Hikamaru and her light from setting our home ablaze. However, I will not back down from Mokudono’s presence, and I may even use his great sense of duty to his goddess to join our forces. I recall that his people see him as a jester to Koharu. perhaps I can further convince him of being a legitimate personal guardian to our worthy cause.

The fires of the light dims to weak embers. We need only your words to snuff it out from our world once and for all.

May we be blessed by your guidance,



You need not worry for the failure of peace at the meeting. Yamaru and Hikamaru have been at each other’s throats for as long as I can remember and we should not expect any different behavior with their representatives. This endeavor of ours will take time and we must slowly ease them to one another’s presence, so I must ask you for your patience in all of our trials.

I do thank you for your bravery and wisdom in keeping Nekkana and Tsuhebi in check. I am aware that Hikamaru and Yamaru have other plans made to their representatives, so I beseech you to be on your guard against them. I plan on making another session soon enough, possibly a feast to enjoy food together. If they cannot enjoy each other’s company, perhaps they may be more compliant with delicacies in their stomachs. This will also be another chance for you to mediate between those two, have them see their impact on my realm and how they can aid our people in troubling times. I know that Hikamaru was known to embody justice and courage, whereas Yamaru was revered as a caring man who valued equality above all else. Make them see that their own forces offer unique boons to one another, for the light can shine and guide and the dark can calm and soothe.

I am happy to know that Mokudono has made you smile during the meeting. He is meant to provide a warm atmosphere for the two representatives and encourage cooperation. I trust that you treat him as your equal, but I do ask for you to protect him. He is not a strong warrior as you are and I fear that such weakness will make him a victim of violence.

Stay safe and well,




Please, I ask of you to treat Amane as your equal, as I have chosen both of you to be my representatives for this pivotal meeting. You are both worthy to be my guardians so it is of utmost importance that you continue to foster a healthy companionship with her. I understand that the meeting struggled to cultivate order and harmony between Nekkana and Tsuhebi and the forces of light and darkness. Therefore, I trust that you encourage  a friendly relationship and Amane to discourage any confrontation between our friends.

My next task for you and Amane is to hold another meeting, but more of a feast! You have told me countless adventurous stories on visiting other lands and enjoying the festivities and food there. I am quite jealous that you are able to do so freely without worries of anything. Your extravagant and lively stories may helps us cultivate laughter and joy for Nekkana and Tsuhebi, share our culture with them and have them do the same with us. I truly hope with the aid of Amane, we can finally achieve peace and tranquility for all three realms.

However, Hikamaru and Yamaru are extremely adamant in their hatred for one another and will not hesitate to be violent through their representatives. So it is imperative that you be wary of anything in case that Nekkana and Tsuhebi attempts to harm each other. I assure your safety, and that Amane will handle such conflict, but you must prepare yourself also.

I wish not to instill fear in your heart, Mokudono. You have a soul that shines bright and knows no boundaries in bringing an air of happiness. I wish only for your safety and well being alongside Amane. Please carry my will and bring an era of peace for us all.

May your soul always shine,



You think of this meeting as the deciding factor of our victory, that we have the ultimate advantage over Yamaru and his abominations. You forget your place; my battle with Yamaru will not end so easily, especially not with Koharu’s aid at peace. She does not know how destructive his force can be, how they can defile others into eldritch horrors.

I have heard of this Mokudono, a friendly jester acting as a guardian to Koharu. His naivete will help us convince the people of the dangers of the darkness. Koharu may not accept it, but we can instill fear in the people of Kokai, including Mokudono. The fear will drive them to revolt against the darkness, and if Koharu heeds her people, then Yamaru will suffer the ire of the benign goddess.

Koharu has planned another meeting for peace, a banquet to preoccupy ourselves. She is a well-meaning fool to think that Yamaru and Tsuhebi actually want unity of all realms when they seek out utter destruction. We must act now before it is too late: you will attend the event under my behalf and wait for the moment to strike out at Tsuhebi when you suspect  any deceptive acts. I do not care if this festive gathering is to promote understanding of both realms. Koharu knows better to think that light and dark can be united. If Amane and Mokudono are to be collateral damage in your attempts to kill Tsuhebi, so be it. Koharu should know the dangers of Yamaru’s darkness if she places her guardians with Tsuhebi. If they must suffer for her to see the evil Yamaru is capable of, then their deaths will be an important lesson.

Do not fail me,




When you expressed your desire to be my personal representative and act under my guise, you have also agreed to the trials and tribulations of upholding such ranks. Nekkana is nothing but a pest among other horrors you and I must face, so I should never expect you to complain about something so trivial as him. However, I understand that Nekkana will have his bouts of maniacal zealotry. So be wise to capitalize whenever he is on his wild prophecies and show Lady Amane and Mokudono of Nekkana’s baseless lies. We will make them see with their own eyes that Hikamaru and her people are insane, uncontrollable, and unpredictable in their demented ideas that we are nothing but evil. It will be obvious that Amane and Mokudono will see through this and finally reject the light and fight for our cause.

Mokudono will be the least of our worries, as we have far more pressing matters at hand. I do not want Lady Koharu to waste any more of her time or my time in her attempts to unify our forces. You must be careful though, lady Amane can be dangerous so do not provoke those two during the meeting. As a matter of fact, enjoy yourself in the feast as long as you do not forget your task of enraging Nekkana so he can go on his meaningless rampage of hateful beliefs. If such events do get out of hand, you are to defend yourself from anything that may endanger you. Lady Amane can take care of herself and Mokudono, so you need to focus on the task and survive no matter what. We shall soon end this: it is only a matter of a simple mistake for Nekkana to make  to allow us to extinguish the light.

I expect everything to go well,