Every semester in VGDA, we strive to create an amazing and original game. Our artists have contributed greatly to the success of our previous works. Our focus is mainly 2D art, but we delve into 3D as well. Art lends games visual appeal, gives them life, and immerses people within their vast and colorful environments.


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VGDA Gameplay designers craft player experiences via detailed planning, hands-on creation, and open collaboration with other disciplines. We actively solve problems that challenge us to improve professional skills and achieve resume credits on published games.


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Narrative formulates a game’s story. It immerses us within the game’s environment, its characters, and into the game itself. A blend of story telling, character descriptions, plot twists, and intricately woven settings form a splendid narrative, the backbone of any work. The VGDA narrative team works every semester to craft detailed worlds for our games.



Sound designers are responsible for the epic sound effects you hear in video games. The eerily trailing footsteps that come from seemingly nowhere in horror games? That’s them. Our sound designers develop personal and professional skills related to audio design, music composition, and voice over casting and recording. By utilizing professional sound creation software such as Cubase, Wwise, and Audacity, they cultivate their skills with hands on experience working in a real game development setting.



Tech is the heart and soul of VGDA. Their technical skills are responsible for the functionality of our games. Utilizing the C# programming language and the Unity interface, tech collaborates with different disciplines and turns concepts into implementations.



Administration is the backbone of VGDA. They’re the ones who plan events, ensure that project production is running smoothly, and represent the pride and core of our club through community outreach.